The ability to breathe freely through the nose during sleep, rather than the mouth, is essential to optimizing our sleep, as well as our long-term health.

If congestion, blockages, a deviated septum, or simply narrow airways are affecting your ability to breathe freely, disrupting your sleep or contributing to snoring, then Mute may be right for you.

What is Mute

  • Mute is a nasal breathing device designed to increase airflow through your nose during sleep by gently opening your airways
  • It is a patented respiratory technology designed to gently stent open your nasal airway during sleep
  • Mute sits comfortably inside the nose increasing airflow and improving breathing.

How Mute helps you snore less, and sleep better:

  • It is proven to increase airflow through the Nose by an average of 38% when compared to nasal strips
  • It helps by increasing the volume of air travelling through the nose and making nasal breathing easier
  • It’s easy to use, flexible, lightweight and sits comfortably inside the nose.

Our clinical trial showed:

  • 78% of users experienced an improvement in their breathing at night
  • 75% of users reported a reduction in snoring
  • Both snorers and their partners enjoyed a good night’s sleep

Try it today & feel the difference

If you’re a first-time user, try the Trial pack to determine your size.
It has one of each size and sells at a discounted price.

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