Turbine Small (3 Pack)


The Turbine is designed to fit comfortably inside the nose and gently open each individual nostril to allow more airflow during sport, physical exertion or focused breathing (such as yoga and meditation).

Once properly fitted, you will naturally experience greater breathing efficiency.

Contains three small devices.

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Proven in a clinical trial to increase air flow through the nose by an average of 38% and now used by elite athletes in the heat of competition.

This next generation technology is proven to outperform nasal strips. It’s a difference you’ll instantly recognise.

Turbine is also continuing trials in elite universities to demonstrate performance benefits using metrics such as time, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, oxygen saturations and lactate.

Each Turbine is recommended up to 10 uses, following the instructions inside the box.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 2 × 7 × 16 cm

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